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About NUK
The National University of Kaohsiung (NUK), the only national university instituted in the millennium in Taiwan, was found on February 1, 2000. In accordance with the government's industrial development policy and to promote the establishment of the Asia-Pacific Regional Operation Center (including Southern Taiwan Science Park, Kaohsiung Multifunctional Commerce and Trade Park and International Warehousing and Processing Transit Center), we assist to upgrade and transform traditional industries and train professionals in technology and management.


University Emblem

Action Force as Storm Surge
Fulfilling Dreams and Goals
Passing Down the Seeds of Wisdom
Nurturing the Buds of Hope
Established in 2000

The three dots in the emblem represent an abstract image of the Chinese character . Different sizes of the spots, from small to large, are like the growing process of a seed. It also symbolizes waves which imply the surging force that moves forward. The emblem is designed based on the Chinese character rather than using English words because we want to preserve our cultural features and ethnic origin when NUK becomes internationally well-known in the future. The vigorous, optimistic and innovative impressions of NUK are delivered by the bright orange color. Grey is the most tolerant and steadiest color that can match any other color. This emblem displays the features of NUK: vigor, optimism, innovation, steadiness and tolerance, which are also essential learning attitudes that students have to develop in addition to the knowledge in the textbooks.


Colleges and Academic Departments

NUK has there are five colleges and seventeen departments. The colleges are:

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

College of Law

College of Management

College of Science

College of Engineering